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How to apply

Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University would like to recruit nursing students to join the Student Exchange Program at overseas universities. The main objectives of this program are to establish relationships among our students with overseas students, to enhance student’s understanding about different cultures and exchange knowledge about their own culture, and also to increase their experiences of nursing education and health care systems.

Qualification of applicants

  1.  Must be a Bachelor student at the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University. ​ 

  2.  Have no other commitments during the program.    

  3.  Have a good command of English/Japanese. 

  4.  Be in good general health.

  5.  Be able to undertake and complete the program successfully.

  6.  Commit to making contributions to the school and the nursing profession.

  7.  Be able to pay the extra expenses necessary.

  8.  Receive permission from advisor and parents.

Application Materials

  1.  Application form with photo and permission letter from your parents and academic adviser.

  2.  A copy of student ID card. 

Application form

Selection Criteria

Scores are composed of 2 parts (100 points):
  1. Student character, attitude, judgment, other talents and participation in school activities 40 points
  2. Communication skills in English 60 points
The selection of applicants will be made by the consensus of the following people and methods:
Part 1:    Consensus from the Student Affairs Committee
Part 2:    Consensus about the interview and personal statement from the Selection Committee
Part 3:    Consensus from the Selection Committee


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